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Taking advantage of older men

By admin, 10:44 am

I had a great 4th of July weekend.  I managed to use my charms and body to throw a great party for myself and all my friends that included a boat in the harbor to see the fireworks,  and lots of fun party drinks and food.

And I got an older guy I know who owned the boat to pay for it all :)

I meet him at a wedding believe it or not, and I always talk to the older guys because they have stuff I want.  And since I’m young and cute they think I’m harmless and like to show off. So after he had a few drinks at the reception and danced with me a few times, he was offering to have me spend fourth of July with him watching fireworks from his big sailboat (48 feet long I think?).  Well I managed to accept, morph it into a party with my and my friends, get him to stock a bar and provide a bunch of catered food.   In return I looked cute and posed on the rail waving to his friends on the other boats.

And then that evening, after we docked, I managed to charm the keys to his BMW out of him to take my friends home.   Still have to return it :) *giggles*
I’m so bad.