Sorority Fun!

By admin, 4:44 pm

Well, after I left Loser guy, I decided to move into the sorority house I belong to. the Kappa Alpha Thetas, we called ourselves KATS. Actually, I just got invited to join, without doing the usual pledging, because a couple of the girls had spent half the summer with me at Loser guys house spending his money, so they knew a good thing when they saw it.

And we spent half the summer plotting fun on our Greek arch-enemies, the snotty Deltas and the no brain Tau Kappa Epsilon guys who seemed to hone their muscles lifting beer kegs. Their houses were next door to each other, and they often did things together.

Well, they were planning a big end of summer open house weekend, to show off their new digs to their parents. I was planning my own fun, and since I wasn’t well known in the Greek circles at school, I was the perfect one to infiltrate and cause problems.

And I did, just showing up and crashing the party. I claimed to the mother of one of the girls in the sorority that I was the girlfriend of one of the brothers in the frat…and I had this wonderful conversation about how glad I was summer was over so that I could resume my job giving blowjobs to all of my boyfriends fraternity friends….I excused myself as their jaws dropped to the ground.

Then I went over to the fraternity, and introduced myself to a set of parents as a Delta pledge….then I pulled the father aside and told him that as part of my hazing I had to get one of the fathers to sign my ass. He stammered and stuttered, and I whispered to him that I would give him a blowjob if he did it, I needed it sooo bad… Well the pervert went for it, and as I brought him into the back room they keep a pool table in, in a quiet corner, I pulled out his cock and then said….”Smile for the camera!” as one of my sorority sisters took a photo through the window.

At that point I was like…Dude, if you dont’ want this photo emailed to every bitch and asshole in these houses you better cough up some dough…..
*smiles* Dude had over $400 bucks on him!

I snuck out at that point, watching the mother I told about the group blowjobs dragging her daughter away in the car. *laughs*

I went back to my sorority house, and we went out to the liquor store with my $400 to stock up on booze. Good times!

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