Kitty gets her way with the professor

By MeanGirl, 6:51 pm

I have been soooo busy with my finals this semester.  And I was partying soo much I have been flunking this loser course I was taking called Law, Crime and Society.  Now that sounded like it might have some interesting stories, but it turned out to be a yawner, with this balding fat mousy professor with this tiny little voice who couldn’t even look me in the eye.   I had more interesting things to do instead of sit there, usually involving shopping with my girlfriends dragging some poor sucker along that ended up footing the bill.
Well come final week, and I find out that fucker professor has given me a failing grade, and I need a fucking A on the final to come out with a D for the course. Turns out that he must have noticed I wasn’t there, even though it was a  huge class.

So I decide to go turn on the charm and see what I can do about my grade.  I dress in a really lowcut blouse and a miniskirt, and show up at his office, closing the door behind it.

Now I know this sounds like a typical co-ed seduces the professor for an “A” scenario, but that wasn’t what I had in mind.

He looked up, jaw dropping as I locked the door.  I smiled, reached into my purse and pull out a pair of pink panties.

“Well, you better put these on if you want to eat my pussy, I tell him…”

The idiot had no fucking clue as to what to do….he tried to talk, but all that came out was some freakin’ lame stutter. “I don’t….” he started to say.

Hah!  As if he could escape me.
I give an exasperated sigh.  “If you don’t put on the fucking panties right now, I’m going up to the dean’s office and file a sexual harrassment suit against you.  I have a nice ripped blouse that I can wear to it…and a few tears to run my mascara….”

Those pants came off of him so fast, and the panties on so fast it was truly funny.

And I was ready…..I pull out a camera…and FLASH!

And then I really smile, it looks sweet but its truly evil.  “Now…you are going to change my fucking grade to an A, or everyone on the University email system is going to get this picture…are we clear?”

More stuttering.

“Im not kidding.  Is it worth your career and reputation to flunk me?”
The A is mine. To show I’m a good sport, I let him keep the panties.

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