Moved to a nice place

By MeanGirl, 6:16 pm

Well, I’m here until June anyway, when the guy that owns this place comes back.

It’s really nice, really big and it has a pool and a hot tub and a fucking sauna even.

And the bedroom is so fucking spacious, I even have a tv and huge sofa in there.

I had a party the other night…I’m planning on taking advantage of this poor loser’s trusting nature.

So why am I here?   Get this….the poor fucker thinks I’ve moved in with him!  I find out after soaking him for a nice dinner that he’s working in India for 3 fucking months, and he’s telling me about this big place he just bought, and not knowing he had to go to India…and he had to hire help to take care of it.

So I smell an opportunity, and in the last week he is there, I have him believing I love him and want to live with him FOREVER.  So he gives me a key to his house so I can move it, and I even manage to pull this off without even letting him get to second base.  He believed it when I told him that I’m not that kind of girl!!

Now all I have to do is take his phone calls about once a day, make kissy noises on the phone and tell him what sexy things I have bought for him to see me in when I finally *do* feel as if I’m ready to *cough* “make love” with him.

I’ll just bail out a day or two before he comes back, pleading that it just seemed wrong for me to be with a man so much older than me….

Meanwhile, there are parties to plan!  I just discovered poking through his things that he has an account with a caterer…so I’m having my parties catered, complete with open bars.

It will be fun to get drunk with my friends and fool around the pool.

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