I’m back!

By admin, 9:31 pm

I’ve been busy!   I went out Vegas in August on some guy’s dime..

I think he thought we were going to be some item, but as soon as I got there, and got him to buy me a stack of poker chips, I dumped him and found some REAL fun.  Cool clubs in vegas….

I never spent a dime. I got guys to buy me meals, drinks, impress me with suites, give me chips to gamble with.
At the end, I cashed in 2 grand worth of chips, flew home and started my new semester at school.

I was planning to do NF calls once the semester started, but man oh man, this NF meltdown hit, and I couldn’t even get the fucking phone to connect me.  Now it seems sort of stable, and I’m taking calls again.

So don’t wait.  Call.

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