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My Weekend

By admin, 5:38 pm

Yes boys, I wasn’t here this weekend.  I was partying and having fun clubbing in Boston on Landsdown street and making sure that my friends and I didn’t have to pay for anything.
There was some old guy with a Red Sox cap on watching the game on the TV, and I got him to buy all  of us drinks by pretending to be a cheerleader for the Sox. (As if I give a fuck)

The Red Sox were playing, and lots of happy fans drifted into the  bar, dancing, I guess their team won….and I ditched the cheerleader guy and my girl friends and I, Andrea and Karen, wandered down the street and I got a man to give Karen $100 dollars to flash her tits at him….

And once he pulled out his wallet, and handed me the money. (Naturally a man hands it to me), I told Karen. “Don’t show him anything, he’s a pervert!”

Then I said to him.  ”You pervert, propositioning young girls…give me $100 more or I’ll call the cops”

He protested a little, and I pulled out my cell phone, poising to dial 9-1-1, saying, the cops won’t be too happy with you when they find out what you did!” and he fell overhimself to hand me the remaining cash in his wallet.   I thought about making him go to the ATM for more, but he literally looked like he was going to shit his pants, and Andrea wanted to go down the street and check out another club, so I let him go….$212.37 cents richer.