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First caller

By admin, 12:51 pm

Well, my Niteflirt cherry is busted!  And such fun it was, teasing a guy with photos of me, and then he called and I let him know how he was too old for me to have, but not too old to exploit.

Oh, and I told him the story of how I went bad *giggles*. Its a fun story, maybe I’ll write about it sometime, but for now I’ll tease the rest of you with it when you call.

Bad Kitty.

Kitty Gone Bad

By admin, 11:14 am

When guys first meet me, they think I’m innocent and sweet.  Then they find out what a mean emmasculating girl I am…how I love belittling them and doing what I want.  And I love putting older men in their place especially.  The ones that make fools of themselves chasing me, until they find out exactly how bad Kitty is…

So this is my first evening on Niteflirt.  Some of you guys might think you can take advantag e  of me, but really.  That’s silly thinking.

I’m still waiting for my first call….the first email.  I can’t wait to use my claws.