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Sorority Fun!

By admin, 4:44 pm

Well, after I left Loser guy, I decided to move into the sorority house I belong to. the Kappa Alpha Thetas, we called ourselves KATS. Actually, I just got invited to join, without doing the usual pledging, because a couple of the girls had spent half the summer with me at Loser guys house spending his money, so they knew a good thing when they saw it.

And we spent half the summer plotting fun on our Greek arch-enemies, the snotty Deltas and the no brain Tau Kappa Epsilon guys who seemed to hone their muscles lifting beer kegs. Their houses were next door to each other, and they often did things together.

Well, they were planning a big end of summer open house weekend, to show off their new digs to their parents. I was planning my own fun, and since I wasn’t well known in the Greek circles at school, I was the perfect one to infiltrate and cause problems.

And I did, just showing up and crashing the party. I claimed to the mother of one of the girls in the sorority that I was the girlfriend of one of the brothers in the frat…and I had this wonderful conversation about how glad I was summer was over so that I could resume my job giving blowjobs to all of my boyfriends fraternity friends….I excused myself as their jaws dropped to the ground.

Then I went over to the fraternity, and introduced myself to a set of parents as a Delta pledge….then I pulled the father aside and told him that as part of my hazing I had to get one of the fathers to sign my ass. He stammered and stuttered, and I whispered to him that I would give him a blowjob if he did it, I needed it sooo bad… Well the pervert went for it, and as I brought him into the back room they keep a pool table in, in a quiet corner, I pulled out his cock and then said….”Smile for the camera!” as one of my sorority sisters took a photo through the window.

At that point I was like…Dude, if you dont’ want this photo emailed to every bitch and asshole in these houses you better cough up some dough…..
*smiles* Dude had over $400 bucks on him!

I snuck out at that point, watching the mother I told about the group blowjobs dragging her daughter away in the car. *laughs*

I went back to my sorority house, and we went out to the liquor store with my $400 to stock up on booze. Good times!

Free from the loser!

By MeanGirl, 4:17 pm

So Loser came back from India the beginning of the month, and as I planned I was gone when he got here.

I wasn’t the only thing gone either, I liberated quite a few bottles of good booze, some nice soft towels and a bottle of viagra that he had hidden in the bedroom.  I mean he wasn’t going to be needing it, and well, I kind of had some really funny ideas of what I could do with it to abuse some asshats I go to school with.

I left him a note saying that it just didnt feel right, and I was going to go to school in Texas, so he didnt have to worry about running into me.  That of course, was a lie in every way, and he’s left at least a dozen hysterical crying voice mails on my phone, so fucking pathetic.

And we’re back in school.  In fact, I’m in class right now, its Marketing 101, and its another bald old guy I know I can coerce into giving me good grades.

Moved to a nice place

By MeanGirl, 6:16 pm

Well, I’m here until June anyway, when the guy that owns this place comes back.

It’s really nice, really big and it has a pool and a hot tub and a fucking sauna even.

And the bedroom is so fucking spacious, I even have a tv and huge sofa in there.

I had a party the other night…I’m planning on taking advantage of this poor loser’s trusting nature.

So why am I here?   Get this….the poor fucker thinks I’ve moved in with him!  I find out after soaking him for a nice dinner that he’s working in India for 3 fucking months, and he’s telling me about this big place he just bought, and not knowing he had to go to India…and he had to hire help to take care of it.

So I smell an opportunity, and in the last week he is there, I have him believing I love him and want to live with him FOREVER.  So he gives me a key to his house so I can move it, and I even manage to pull this off without even letting him get to second base.  He believed it when I told him that I’m not that kind of girl!!

Now all I have to do is take his phone calls about once a day, make kissy noises on the phone and tell him what sexy things I have bought for him to see me in when I finally *do* feel as if I’m ready to *cough* “make love” with him.

I’ll just bail out a day or two before he comes back, pleading that it just seemed wrong for me to be with a man so much older than me….

Meanwhile, there are parties to plan!  I just discovered poking through his things that he has an account with a caterer…so I’m having my parties catered, complete with open bars.

It will be fun to get drunk with my friends and fool around the pool.

Fun calls today so far!

By admin, 2:35 pm

Mmmmm Cuckholding you with black cock….theme of the day!

I love cuckholding calls….I only have to do guys with big dicks, and you can sit around with a tiny little hardon wishing it were you.
Another way to torture you pervy losers…

I’m back!

By admin, 9:31 pm

I’ve been busy!   I went out Vegas in August on some guy’s dime..

I think he thought we were going to be some item, but as soon as I got there, and got him to buy me a stack of poker chips, I dumped him and found some REAL fun.  Cool clubs in vegas….

I never spent a dime. I got guys to buy me meals, drinks, impress me with suites, give me chips to gamble with.
At the end, I cashed in 2 grand worth of chips, flew home and started my new semester at school.

I was planning to do NF calls once the semester started, but man oh man, this NF meltdown hit, and I couldn’t even get the fucking phone to connect me.  Now it seems sort of stable, and I’m taking calls again.

So don’t wait.  Call.

Loser on the phone

By admin, 1:42 pm

Right now, as I write this entry, I have a loser, Justin on the phone.  He was telling me that his Mistress blackmailed him by posting his personal information on Craigslist advertising to suck cock and made him pay $200 dollars to take it down.  He’s such a loser, he paid it.

I would have taken the money and then let all the men who wanted him to be a cocksucker to call him anyway!

And I bet Justin ends up telling me some tasty tidbit that he’ll pay me to take down……

stay tuned…

Update:  Justin is a chicken shit!  Wouldn’t even tell me his phone number, hung up when I asked!  It was fun hearing him almost cry though…